The Expansion of Physician-Assisted Dying to Other States

Dan Diaz made a deathbed promise to Brittany Maynard that he would work on making aid-in-dying legal. After Brittany’s death, California became the fifth state in
Brittany Manard and Dan Diaz
the country to legalize physician-assisted dying. And in the most recent election, Colorado residents voted to legalize medical aid-in-dying. Legislation is now pending in 23 other states and Washington D.C. Diaz now works with the advocacy group Compassion and Choices.5 He’s visited eight capitals and has shared Brittany’s story with many lawmakers. “I am immensely proud of my wife,” said Diaz, “Her voice certainly did make a difference, an impact for the rest of us.” He added, “People say ‘well, can one voice really make a difference?’ Well yeah—hers did.”

JoAnn Mar’s report is part of the End of Life Radio Project, supported by a grant from the Association of Health Care Journalists and The Commonwealth Fund.

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